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Chairman's Message

Welcome to China RuiTai International Holdings Co., Ltd!

Our company, established in 1999, produces, sells, and exports deeply processed chemicals, with a primary focus on non-ionic cellulose ether products. Last year we produced 19% of the total of 45,000 metric tons of cellulose ether produced in China. As a result, we are a leader in the domestic market. We also hold 20% of Chinaí»s international export market for cellulose ether products, which is important to our future growth.

Our cellulose ether is an organic product that is made from purified cotton and petroleum products. The principal compounds that we sell are HPMC and MC ĘC which are used as thickeners in both edible and non-edible products. Industrial adhesive applications include tile and grout used in the construction industry. Cellulose ethers are also used to manufacture PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) and latex paint, and as a thickener in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

The RuiTai brand is synonymous with quality, and our capacity is supported by ten manufacturing facilities, capable of producing 10,000 metric tons of cellulose ether per year. In addition, we have 30 retail sales outlets ĘC one in each province of China ĘC and our customer service is second to none.

On behalf of my colleagues and the executive management team of China RuiTai, we appreciate your interest in our company, its products and its people.


Dian Min Ma

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


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